Understanding Micro Expressions


The Main diffrence between these two images is the intesity of the anger they feel and the type of anger they are showing. There are three things to notice in this, the narrowing of their brow, the tight lips in early stages, and the wide eyes. The more intense these become the more levels of cortisol are growing and the more power going through their brain about what they are thinking. The general movement of the intensity is shown here.


Contempt is essentially the belif that this person that they are better than you and you are lower than them. This happens in conguncy checks if someone has this thought it is to see if you will try to please or impress them. If you do then it will confirm to them that you are less valuable. People tend not to do this on purpose but it happens a decent amount. The sign of contempt is moving the end of their lips straight to the side.


Fear is an emotion we feel when we are threatened and awaiting a potential outcome. The level of fear you feel is generally attributed to the amount of cortisol in your body vursus the amount of pleasurable hormones. In other words it is how big a threat is and how it would effect you. It is indicated by pulling the shoulders inward to protect the organs, chin and eye gaze is generally lower to the ground, eyebrows raised and pulled together, and raised eyelids. One of the best ways to shift this mentality is to pull your shoulders back a bit, holding head up a bit higher, and if walking take longer strides and not looking down. 


Disgust is used in responce to something that is negitive to are body, health, or mind. You see this mostly with smells and sometimes visual. it is charecterised by lower eyebrows, wrinkling of nose, and slight open mouth. You might see this expression if someone is trying to reject you or is otherwise critical of an action.


When someone is sad they tend to hide their face and not make eyecontact. If you can see them they have their inner eyebrow a small bit up, eye lids down a bit, lips pulled downwards, this like the rest of the emotions shown varies to diffrent a degree. 


Suprise is quick shift of frame of mind by a sudden event, it is charecterised by having your hands open and shoulders back, if the shoulders are going up they are startled. It is also charecterised by wide open eye and an open mouth. 


Happiness is generally found in light events, ones where you are not super serious and they tend to be playful moments. They are charecterised by crowsfeet (crease next to eyes), high cheeks, showing of teeth. Again the more of this you feel the more these traits are expressed.