How to change your belief systems

I want you to do a little exercise, I want you to make a list of the things you want, or want to do over the next 12 months. Figure out which one is the most important, then ask yourself what do I need for this to be true. Your conscious mind will show you what you need to do but also listen to the ideas that come up from the unconscious. Whether it's I want a healthier relationship with my spouse, a promotion at work, a trip to Italy, or just being content with your life. Go back to similar goals or ambitions that you had relating to the event to occur and write a story about everything you remember from that event, the smell, what you heard, what you felt, who was around you, what you ate, if you exercised, your job, every detail you can remember. Go into multiple similar memories and point out what are the commonalities between them. I want you to go through a similar exercise as the one we did at the end of part 1. I want you to find a quiet place to sit or lay down. I want you to go through and feel each part of your body and mind mentally. After doing this I want you to go through the memories that you chose and build each memory until your body is fully in that moment. Each memory I want you to build on the last until you completely feel that mentality and I want you to ask yourself if there is any reason you shouldn't let this be your reality or any ways that your life would be disrupted if you made this your reality again. There might be something holding you back from this life. Ask yourself what this belief does for you. It might protect you from rejection, self destruction, failure, whatever it might be. Ask yourself if it is okay to let go of the beliefs that don't serve you. The ones that don't want to leave acknowledge them and ask what this part of your personality needs, in order to let go of the beliefs that are holding you back. Once this is done some things in life might test this improved version of yourself. If you find it valid go back through this process and tweak what you need to. If you know that you're in the state you most want then accept it fully and do not let go of the sense of self you now feel.