Our Course

This course fully develops the mental and emotional state of each individual and give a great frame work for understanding yourself and others. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at yourconsciousconnect@gmail.com

First part of week one is focused on understanding anxiety's role in mental and physical health and how to maintain a healthy balance. We also go over anatomy to further the in depth sense of self.

The second part of week 1 is a deep subconscious cleaning of negative experiences and trauma that we might not be aware of and taking away the negative beliefs associated with these experiences. 

The first part of week two is spent understanding how eye accessing cues can help you understand someone's emotional state. Aswell we will be going over the process of changing our belief system to one that fits your truest intent.

The second part of week two is going over positive experiences that can benefit your current life and making sure you can access a positive state of mind when you're posed with a task or event that calls for it. 

The first part of week three is spent going over touches place in conversation and in general. If there is one part of communication holding you back chances are its this one. We also go over the various neurotransmitters in the brain that activate different behaviors and actions.

In the second part of week three, we go over your passions in life and your ability to grow them. Please have an idea of what activity or passion you want to be more connected with. As it will help the process greatly.

The first part of week four will be spent going over psychological space, which is the precursor to touch. We will also go over hormone health and how it can disrupt the mental and physical state.

The second part of week four we'll be going over any part of your body that might feel uncomfortable or injured. We will be bringing your subconscious awareness to the issue in order to help facilitate the healing process. 

In the first part of week five, we will be going over the tone of voice during an interaction, which accounts for roughly 10-15% of communication. We are also going over different micro expressions in people to see their emotional state more clearly. 

In the second part of week 5 we will be going over future life mentalities that we desire to have. As well the tangible things we want in the future, spouse, kids, friends, job, passion, ect

This week we will be going over the initial stage of banter and its role in conversation. We will also go over the importance of exercise and how to have a steady routine.

In this part we will be going over banter on a subconscious level to fully develop the mentality you desire when meeting new people and the beginnings of conversation. 

In this part we will be going over rapport and its role in deep conversations and friendships. It is the middle ground before seduction and has a very important role in emotional bonding. We will also go over yoga and the importance of relaxation and ease when connecting.

In this part we will be going over rapport in the subconscious. We will connect your subconscious mind to have a really good flow when it comes to connecting and the framework behind it. 

In week eight we will go over seduction, the main purpose of seduction is unique to each individual and situation so creating your own connection is very important.

In the last part of the training we will go over seduction and the emotional connection you have to it on a subconscious level. To make sure you are able to connect openly with your spouse or a new significant other.