Seduction is unique to each individual's connection to one another. How you go about it is unique to you. In the next lesson you will bring out your deep meaningful bond. To understand this is you can look to the hormone oxytocin. It has an incredible relationship with touch. Carressing lightly to make sensations more pronounced and lead up to your embodiment of joining together. Your skin has different cells that activate with pleasant touch, and with negative touch. Being light and growing heavier builds tension and you have to build this tension until right before emotional overload and the moment passes. There is a limit to our awareness when we are in the moment, it changes to very forward thinking (being brought out of the moment). Building to have a fulfillment of desire is the best way to connect. Seduction is the moment it goes from conversing to fully emotional responses and showing it through your body. The best thing to do is to not let your mentality have full control and live within the moment. This is somewhat why people who think a lot or study a lot might have difficulty expressing emotions they live primarily in abstracts instead of the current situation. You need to allow yourself to be vulnerable and completely okay with it.