Addiction Removal

Our Addiction Removal Process

Isolateing the addiction

In the first week we will change your relationship with the substance your quitting. Wether its unhealthy food, alcohol, weed, cigarettes, caffinee, or harder substances. We change the way your subconscious precieves these subsances to make it so you have an inherant dislike of it, lowering your intake.

  • Understanding 
  • Understanding Anatomy
  • Removal of past Stress

Adding Mental Reinforcement

We will be inducing positive emotions whenvever you have the urge to have a cigarette, drink, smoke, or whatever your currently quitting. This way your brain wont miss the dopamine produced by that activity. 

  • Understanding Rapport
  • Yoga Practices
  • Building Rapport

Being Intuned To  Romance

In week eight we will be going over Romance in its mental and physical state and how to improve this mentality with anyone you might want to be with. It helps reunite buried memories and allows yourself to feel as complete and connected as possible.

  • Understanding Seduction
  • Building Seduction

Making everyday better than the last

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